[Members] XSF Board Meeting Minutes 2017-06-14

Jonas Wielicki jonas at wielicki.name
Wed Jun 14 19:22:17 UTC 2017

Note: Dave was asked to take minutes, unfortunately, nobody waited for his 
confirmation. I took over the duty since I observed the meeting first-hand.

Present: Ralph (chair), Martin, Matt, Arc, Nyco.

0. Welcome + Agenda

1. Q2 Elections

Alex hasn’t done anything about the elections, presumably due to ongoing lack 
of wiki. Ralph contacted Alex to ask for updates and it was suggested to hold 
the elections via a GitHub-E-Mail-combination instead.

2. Peter stepping down from his Executive Director positon

Ralph plans to discuss that with Peter until the next board meeting.

3. Server Loss

Kevin is still waiting to hear back from the entity who plans to sponsor an 
admin to make things move forward. Kevin is reluctant to name the entity who 
offered sponsorship and can also not make a definite statement on when the 
offer is to be expected.

In the meantime, Arc will work on taking some work off the iteam with respect 
to setting up the wiki. Kevin will assist with deployment of the solution on 
the server.

4. Peter Waher and the Intellectual Property of the IoT XEPs

Sam asks whether there has been a response to Peter about that. Ralph will 
send Peter an email to clarify that the XSF will not "give back" the IP on the 
IoT XEPs, firstly because it is written down that way in the IPR, and secondly 
because those XEPs do not only contain Peters IP but also the IP of Board, 
Council and anyone else who contributed to their development.

Peter Saint-Andre notes that the canonical IPR Policy URL is currently not 
loading, which appears to be an artifact of the new website (independent of 
the server crash). A GitHub issue has been created for that [1].

5. Any Other Business?


6. Date of Next

+1 week

End of Meeting.

   [1]: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/325
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