[Members] Board meeting minutes 2020-10-15

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 14:18:37 UTC 2020

0. Welcome

Ralph (Chair), Guus, MattJ, Seve. pep. sends regrets.

1. Minute taker

After rounds of silent but fierce competition, Matthew was selected this week.

2. XEP-0001 clarifications

Matthew summarizes that it was previously generally agreed that
XEP-0001 doesn't reflect the way we actually do some things these
days. We are lacking any updates to the document, however.

Travis Burtrum requested an update on this situation, and suggested we
nominate someone to update the document.

Ralph volunteers to revisit the discussion, ask whether Kev is still
interested in submitting such an update, and if not Ralph will draft
and update himself.

3. Old agenda items

3.1 Messenger regulations

Georg reports that the Messenger Regulations folks promised to contact
him, but didn't, and he likewise promised to keep in touch with them
and didn't.

Ralph notes that he is unsure how to proceed.

Georg confirms that he lacked time, but would still like to follow up
and determines to write a follow-up mail to his contact.

3.2 Adopt a Unicode Character

Awaiting an update from Florian.

3.3 Infrastructure improvements status

Matthew reports that he has not had much time to dedicate to XSF
infrastructure, having spent time on assisting the IETF and the
jabber.org migration instead. Nevertheless Jonas has been making some
progress and some updates to deploy soon, and we are not in a terrible
state generally.

4. AOB


5. Date of Next

+1 week.

6. Close

Thanks were shared.

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