[standards-jig] Jabber Icons (JEP-0038)

Sebastiaan 'CBAS' Deckers cbas at screaming3d.com
Wed Jul 17 10:27:11 UTC 2002

Is this JEP a serious proposal or a quick writeup of ideas?
Section 2, Requirements: "The convention must be a "here and now" 
solution, relying only on what the Jabber protocol currently has."
Does this mean the specification will change or is it waiting to be 
voted on by the foundation/council/whatever?

A few quick questions:
 -  Why only support PNG?  Is there a _serious_ reason for this?  What 
about MNG?  JPG?  GIF?  etc.

 -  How does one client retrieve the iconset that is being used by 
another person?  Or should someone's own iconset be used even to display 
icons in incoming messages?  (does that sentence make sence? ;-) )

 -  Where are the example icon sets?

 -  What kind of MIME-type or file extension should be used?  (eg. to 
allow automatic installation from within the browser, á la Winamp)


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>I've received and published a new JEP from Adam Theo regarding emoticons
>and "genicons". Before you dismiss it out of hand because you think the
>topic is trivial, I must say I think Adam has performed a valuable public
>service by putting this together even though emoticons is not his favorite
>topic. You can find the JEP here:

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