[standards-jig] Administration Namespace/specs

Casey Crabb debug at discobob.dyndns.org
Thu Mar 7 00:01:18 UTC 2002

There has been alot of noise in the past about making Jabber more
administratable. I'm trying to gather a list of tasks an administrator
of a jabber server would be likely to want to do. This is the list
that I have come up with, I imagine more things will be added and some

* add users
* delete users
* reset users password
* how many users connected
* bandwidth average over a minutes time
* account disable
* reset server
* send a message to all users of server, such that they will receive the
   message precisely once  (as opposed to only online users or a MOTD)
* alter the karma settings
* bring down/up transports
* change user vcard
* view users.xml file, allow for manipulation
* view jabber.xml file, allow for manipulation

I realize this list is very instant-messaging and

I would like to take this list and create a namespace for
administration. This way a jabber administrator could adminstrate
a server through a jabber client. It would also allow for the creation
of a SNMP-Transport which would map from SNMP to this administration

I'm posting this first to standards-jig. Once I incorporate feedback
from sj I'll post again to jadmin to get further feedback.



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