[standards-jig] Version 0.6 of JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

Pasi Pärnänen pasi at parnanen.net
Mon Sep 23 11:43:15 UTC 2002

Richard Dobson:
> BlackDog:
> > We've been experimenting with machine translations and it would be great
> > if there could be a method to retrieve settings regarding the
> > environment of a room, such as default language.
> >
> > Or is that considered a room feature?
> That is something out of scope of the JEP and I think work is already
> underway investigating the standard xml language stuff.

I hope you understand that we are talking about two different things
here: The language of the user and the language of the room. 

It would be weird to ask the participant what language the room uses... 

-- BlackDog

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