[standards-jig] JEP-85: Chat State Notifications

Peter Ronez prnz404 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 21 17:44:45 UTC 2003

> > However, I do have a use for a message ID in combination with 
> > use the message ID with compose to line up sent and received messages 
> > with one
> > another.
> Sorry to be pedantic, but I'm still not seeing the use-case here. Why 
> is it important for you to line up sent and recv messages? What is 
> the context, and how does the help a user? :)

Yes, sent and received messages would line up with some help from the user
indicating what they're composing against. 

Here's another example:

Imagine an outline that gets built-up using just messaging. Messages without
IDs make up the top most level of the outline. Then the users reply to messages
 (composing with ID + the message itself) and the response becomes a child of
the message being responded to. The final result would be a tree being built
just by plain messaging. Users of the outline would be able to observe where
others are replying in "real-time" and then see the message come into the
correct position in the tree once it's received.

OK, so the above example if full of things left unsaid and it is somewhat
impractical (can't edit), but one thing is for sure this couldn't be done with
just the thread ID without abusing the meaning of thread ID.

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