[standards-jig] JEPs and Jabber Adoption

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Mon Jun 30 00:06:55 UTC 2003

On Sunday 29 June 2003 04:53 pm, Paul Curtis wrote:
> Justin Karneges wrote:
> > Tkabber implemented JEP 41 and 52, and it has been functional for 7
> > months without complaints (I talk to Aleksey frequently).
> And which other clients is tkabber able to transfer files with? You
> won't need two hands.

In contrast, JEP-95/96 have no implementations.  What is your point?

Are we choosing a JEP based on what is proven and works?  Or are we choosing 
based on discussion and merit?  Pressing JEP-95 and talking about choosing 
what works is a conflicting stance.

> You miss the point ... the point is to get all clients to support a set
> of file transfer JEPs, not just one or two.

Jan's point was to suggest reference implementations as a way of finding 
flaws.  He wrote, "we can see if the issues are real or just theoretical".  I 
believe you even agreed with him.

My point is that Tkabber is enough of a reference implementation, and there 
were no issues raised as a result.


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