[standards-jig] In-Band Registration and DoS protection

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Thu Jan 15 17:47:58 UTC 2004

Perhaps what is needed as a bridge is a way for the server to specify the
URL to go to for OOB registration.

<iq type='result'>
  <query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'>
    <x xmlns='jabber:x:oob'>

Has been suggested before.

Joe Hildebrand


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> On Jan 3, 2004, at 9:05 AM, Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> >
> > I've implemented this features via a web-based 
> registration, but that 
> > is not what the user expects. There is the tradition that all 
> > IM-things should be done via the client software.
> >
> Really?  A lot of the other networks use web based interfaces to sign 
> up for user accounts.  I would say (and I think Julian would as well) 
> that the web interface is much more intuitive to the user.
> To the rest of your issues, yet more that argues for a 
> different method 
> of registering, but at the same time a component, or the 
> server itself, 
> could have some methods built in to stop a DoS or other misuse of 
> registration.
> --temas
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