[Standards-JIG] JEP-0136: Message Archiving

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Oct 14 15:53:06 UTC 2004

The requirements you outline are similar for Web clients (since, like Web
mail clients, they are designed to be used from different PCs).

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> It's really great that there is a JEP for Message Archiving, I'm
> currently in the process of moving all history of my clients
> installations (4 in active use) to my server because I constantly need
> parts from discussions that are on another PC. It would be great if
> there would be a standard way to retrieve these messages from within my
> client. IMO JEP-0136 is a nice start for this but I have some comments.
> I'm currently in a project where we are making a homedevice (kind of
> tablet PC) and a mobile client (SonyEricsson P800) that can communicate
> with each other through Jabber. This project is for a large part about
> keeping family members (who all have a P800 in this project) in touch,
> mainly by sending photo's (made by the P800) to each other and the home
> device.
> Because the P800 is sort of limited it would be nice if it could use a
> message archive on the server, like with JEP-0136, but at the moment
> JEP-0136 seems to have some limitations.
> First of all it seems to me that the client has to store every message
> explicitly on the server. This is not really an option on a mobile
> device because of the doubling of bandwidth costs, it's also pretty
> inefficient. For my account I would just like to save everything that
> goes through my JID, independent on what client I'm using or whom I'm
> talking to.
> Furthermore it's only possible to retrieve all 'collections' between two
> specific dates. Most of the time when I'm searching for something in my
> history then I'm only interested in my the messages that I've
> send/received to/from a specific JID. Same thing when I want to fill a
> history pane in a chat window, then I want only messages to/from one
> specific JID. Besides that I'm not really interested in dates, I'd
> rather retrieve the last 20 messages.
> The JEP also doesn't specify how a message/collection should be deleted
> or updated, it does state that removing/updating of items is possible :)
> Of course it would also be really great if it would be possible to
> search the message archives. This way you don't have to download lots
> and lots of messages just to find one of them.
> Another option would be keeping the query stuff really basic and adding
> a way to aks the archive for an URL where a user can query/view his/her
> archive. That would keep the Jabber protocol clean and mean while
> allowing developers a lot of freedom in designing nice query
> possibilities.
> Something else; I guess most public and ISP servers are going to limit
> the space you can use for your archive. It would be nice if a client
> could figure out how much space there is left or if the archive could
> warn the user of problems.
> Anyway, just some thoughts before I'm going to implement something based
> on JEP-0136 ;)
> Bart
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