[Standards-JIG] Re: JEP-0134 (Protocol Design Guidelines): Does itwarn against "Atom over XMPP"?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Oct 29 16:57:06 UTC 2004

In article <200410252352.BWE68782 at ms8.netsolmail.com>,
 "Bob Wyman" <bob at wyman.us> wrote:

> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > How large would you expect Atom entries to be, in general?
> > (Not full feeds, but entries.)
> 	A quick sample of the entries that we've processed recently yields
> an average size of 1,975 bytes per published message. 
> 	The sample only contained 595,198 entries, but it should be
> representative of the full set of entries. (We process about 2,000,000 per
> day). Of course, the occasional entry reaches the maximum that we support
> which is currently 65K bytes. Given that the average is almost 2K, there are
> many, many such messages that are larger than 2K...

As we discussed in this morning's Jabber Council meeting [1], there are 
no hard-and-fast rules regarding a reasonable upper limit on the average 
XML stanza (note the use of both 'reasonable' and 'average' in that 
sentence). In reality there is a continuum of stanza sizes, and 
different sizes may be appropriate for different types of XMPP 
applications and deployments. We know that sending 2 gigabyte stanzas 
would be just wrong, but we cannot legitimately say that a 2 kilobyte, 
20 kilobyte, or even 200 kilobyte stanza is unreasonable. (Is the stanza 
sent over an open network with current server implementations, or over a 
closed network with specially tuned servers and "clients"? Does the 
application generate one such stanza every second, every minute, every 
hour? Considerations of this kind help us determine if the use of XMPP 
is "reasonable" in some sense.) So at this point I think it would be 
inappropriate to rule certain stanza sizes out of court, and we will 
adjust JEP-0134 accordingly.



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