[Standards-JIG] JEP 60: Requesting Items for a Node

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Fri May 20 22:00:22 UTC 2005

PSA Wrote:
> > CMullins Wrote:

> > Does this means that Owners and Publishers can't request the items 
> > for a  node unless they also are subscribers? 

> I think it would be reasonable for a pubsub service to consider 
> owners and publishers to have "super-user" status and to allow 
> JIDs with those affiliations to retrieve items. 

> If Peter and Ralph don't have any objections, I will add a note 
> about that.

Given a choice, I would rather see this as a node configuration option,
than a system-wide feature, but either way is fine with me. 

[Making SubID required for all subscriptions]

> If we specify that the SubID is required in all cases, then 
> services will be generating SubIDs when they're not really 
> necessary or used. I don't know if that is a major hardship 
> or not -- perhaps some implementors could voice their opinions.

Well, this implementer believes that fewer optional items on the various
stanza's makes it far easier to:

1 - Implement the spec on both the client and server side
2 - Test for Compliance

One of the major issues I've been having as I've implemented pubsub has
been building the compliance tests. 

With the high number of "May" and "Should", features there is no way I
can build a compliance test that reports back "This implementation is
87.6% compliant. The following areas are out of compliance [...]" 

Chris Mullins

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