[Standards-JIG] poker transport for jabber server

Anand Panthagani panthagani at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 00:29:56 UTC 2005


Miranda is a client IM application. I am 
looking for a server side where it could 
handle multisession and multiuser poker 
game simultaneously. 

So what I was thinking is that, just like 
yahoo or msn transport, if there is any 
poker transport for jabber I could use it

For example... the way the system works from 
cell phones is that... 

user sets up account with our server one time
by giving yahoo and msn ids. Later the user just
logins in then we bring the entire roster of yahoo
and msn in SMS message. 

We defined few commands to use from SMS message
subject like list of users, who is there online
and send messages etc.. so basically user
would be using SMS mail client just like a 
windows client to jabber. Since every cell phone
in the world has SMS mail client, we have chosen
SMS as the client application so that users 
does not have to download yet another application
and waste limited resources of a cell phone

I hope I have explained it properly

Thank you

--- Heiner Wolf <wolf at bluehands.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> >If you know any desktop IM client for jabber 
> >that could provide multiuser games.. that would 
> >be a good starting point
> If you need a starting point for development, then
> Miranda
> (http://www.miranda-im.org) is a good one. It is
> multi-protcol
> (including Jabber), has hundreds of plugins, some of
> them games. There
> is sample code for a game plugin. 
> I like Miranda for development, because it compiles
> easily. It is Win32
> only. Just throw the project file into the developer
> studio, build and
> run. Inludes all protocols ICQ, IRC, Yahoo, Jabber,
> MSN as source and
> also many plugins. I needed only 2 days to create a
> protocol plugin that
> talks via IMs to other instances of the plugin at my
> buddies. Probably
> similar to what you need.
> Don't knowm if that fits to your cell phone
> requirement. Could work, if
> it's WinCE. 
> hw
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