[Standards-JIG] client-to-server and server-to-server connection failures cause silent message loss

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 22:07:57 UTC 2006


This has nothing to do with reliability thread, but:

Le Vendredi 28 Avril 2006 22:35, Pavel Šimerda a écrit :
> Simply.... I am one of the users that...
> 1) Don't want to reveal their privacy (e.g. difference between invisible
> and offline storage)

I saw an issue un the JEP-0022  (Message Event)  

I saw this problem with ejabberd, i don't know how others server are affected

I get <offline/> notification when the contact is offline, and not when the 
contact invisible. 

Also, when i try to send typing notification to offline people, i get error 
503 service-unavailable
And not when the person is invisible

(invisible is set with the <presence type='invisible'/> method)

This is probably a bug in ejabberd, but the section about security 
consideration of that JEP is empty,  server developper should probably be 
warned about that.

Olivier (aka Gof)
mail/xmpp: ogoffart at kde.org

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