[Standards-JIG] Jingle vs. Zoep

dirk.griffioen@voipster.com dgriffioen at voipster.com
Wed Feb 8 22:33:51 UTC 2006

Nolan Eakins wrote:

> dirk.griffioen at voipster.com wrote:
>> Could you maybe elaborate a little on 'that's not the case here'? As 
>> is, it feels like an unargumented qualification (no offense meant :-) ).
> With Zoep you have to include an XMPP library that supports Zoep, SIP, 
> SDP, RTP, and a number of codecs included in or alongside the client. 
> With Jingle you just need a Jingle aware XMPP library, RTP, and the 
> codecs.
> I would also imagine that SIP libraries would get more complex as all 
> of the SIMPLE extensions get included as well. Jingle also makes my 
> life easier too, as all I have to do is either develop or find an RTP 
> library to use. Adding Jingle is just a matter of traversing some 
> DOMs, spitting out XML, and setting up the RTP lib.
> - Nolan
But then you want to talk to a (proper) phone -

So yes you need a proper SIP implementation, and no, you do not need 
SIMPLE (it aint :-) )

All you need is an XMPP lib (as Zoep is just XMPP) and you would use it 
to pass SIP around. The SIP message would be dealt with in a similar way 
as you are walking a DOM, I'd set some callbacks and be told what needs 
to happen: kick my RTP

There seems to be some confusion (maybe on my part): we try to combine 
what would seem two worlds, instead of recreating one in the other, as, 
to me, both Jabber and SIP have been doing.



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