[Standards-JIG] Closing idle streams

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Jun 2 16:23:19 UTC 2006

On Fri Jun  2 16:28:23 2006, Brian Raymond wrote:
> If I write to a socket and the peer has closed it in the meantime 
> I'll get a
> TCP RST. If the system is using a "stealth" mode of some sort that 
> just
> swallows packets without a RST I still won't get an ACK from the 
> far side
> acknowledging delivery.

Did you miss getting an RST, or miss getting an ACK? Did the data get 
there, or not? Does your firewall block outgoing TCP traffic that 
doesn't match a known connection, or only inbound traffic? So many 
questions, so few answers.

>  In any case it does boil up to the application, how
> it boils up is somewhat dependent on the implementation in the OS 
> and the
> language used (java, C, etc.).

So, assuming C and a standard sockets interface, where do I see what 
data has been acked? I was sure there was somewhere myself, but I 
can't find it on Linux, at least, where I thought it'd be easy to 
find. (I was looking for the current window size, or anything like 

Not that this helps the killed socket issue, of course.

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