[Standards-JIG] RC versions of bis drafts

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Oct 5 17:51:15 UTC 2006

RC2 of rfc3920bis is here, based on a full review of the document this



The CVS diff from RC1 is here:


If you sent me feedback, thanks, but I haven't read it yet since I was
offline working on the spec. I'll now do the same with rfc3921bis, then
get to people's comments.


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Release Candidate versions of rfc3920bis and rfc3921bis are here:
> http://www.xmpp.org/internet-drafts/
> I plan to submit these to the IETF Secretariat very soon (after I've had
> a change to read and review them -- probably tomorrow, maybe Friday).
> After I submit them, all discussion should occur on the XMPPWG list, not
> on this list. Various relevant JEPs (er, XEPs) may be updated, approved,
> or retracted as needed when these drafts are submitted. If you have a
> chance to read these and send me feedback in the next 24 hours, please
> do so. If not, we can discuss them on the xmppwg at jabber.org list.
> Thanks!
> Peter

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