[Standards-JIG] email best practices JEP

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Fri Sep 22 11:33:43 UTC 2006

IMHO XMPP's extensibility will give IM a better chance to fight SPAM 
wars than email has had. That is just one reason why, IMHO, most people 
will benefit once XMPP eventually replaces the email messaging protocols.

IMHO, for that to happen then XMPP IM clients will *at first* need to 
integrate fully-featured SMTP (and POP or IMAP) functionality. This step 
will be necessary to persuade users to give up their email clients 
sooner rather than later (benefits include single inbox and address 
book). These integrated clients will always prefer to send messages via 
XMPP when possible, so the email protocols should be used less and less.

IMHO we should be actively encouraging email gateway developers (simple 
clients). If enough other people agree, then perhaps Peter can be 
persuaded to author a strategic new "best practices" JEP that describes 
fully-featured client and email gateway interaction?

The new JEP could probably tie together JEP-0100 "Gateway Interaction", 
JEP-0033 "Extended Stanza Addressing", JEP-0131 "SHIM" and JEP-0096 
"File Transfer" (for large email attachments). I guess it might also 
need some email-specific use cases and perhaps even some new protocol 

What do you think?

- Ian

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