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Dnia 17-05-2007, czw o godzinie 19:01 +0100, Pedro Melo napisał(a):

> If you had a strong external component protocol, with std hooks  
> inside the JSM (most servers have the concept of a JSM) then you  
> could have a more open field of components.
> You could use a PEP/PubSub from one project with the C2S from  
> another, with the S2S from yet another. 

I would call it rather a "server extension protocol" than a component
The component protocol is just a way for a component to use the server
message routing and server-2-server connectivity.
In other case the component would have to do it's own s2s communications
(which some do already).

And I'm afraid it would be very hard to define a common server extension
They tend to be very implementation bound (like the jabberd2 protocol).
It's because they need to be close to the implementation details of the
server to work efficiently.

Tomasz Sterna
Xiaoka Grp.
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