[Standards] stream restarts

Curtis King cking at mumbo.ca
Wed May 7 16:31:24 UTC 2008

On 7-May-08, at 2:31 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:

> Secondly, I'd dispute any lack of clarity caused by them anyway.  If  
> you're going down this road, I'd like to see evidence of actual  
> interoperability problems caused by this alledged issue.
> Thirdly, it won't make the specs any cleaner - instead, it will  
> simply cause confusion, as both restarting and non-restarting  
> implementations - both clients and servers - will exist for many  
> years to come, and both methods will have to be supported in all  
> implementations in order to interoperate.

This can not be under estimated. The implementation costs of removing  
stream restarts out weigh the returns.

Because I'm in mischievous mood ;-)

If we are going to change streams lets dump XML protocol framing and  
use something else which allows us to send either binary or text data?  
Now that's a significant return.

Something like,

  * Message Syntax:
  * msg     = header payload trailer
  * header  = msg_type SP msgno SP size CR LF
  * msgno   = 0..2147483647
  * size    = 0..2147483647
  * msg_type = 1*<any CHAR except SP / CTL>
  * payload = *OCTET
  * trailer = "END" CR LF

Ok, back to reality. All successful protocol's have warts, rough  
edges, and limitations. That's ok. What really matters at the of the  
day is the number of interoperable implementations and deployments.  
Please see BEEP for a "perfect protocol" with next to zero  
implementations. Does it really matter XMPP isn't "real XML"?


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