[Standards] XEP-136 and XEP-59 implementation comments: threading

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue May 20 02:05:40 UTC 2008

On 05/11/2008 11:45 AM, Alexander Tsvyashchenko wrote:
> Peter,
>>> 3) 'exactmatch' is currently present only in 'chat' element: however, it
>>> doesn't look like it belongs there, as 'chat' element is in fact not
>>> used for matching.
>> Isn't it? It is used to specify the JID with whom you have been chatting
>> (via the 'with' attribute).
> Well, probably I'm nitpicking a bit here, but what I mean is that 'chat'
> element is used only to represent some collection - that's it, it does
> not have any "actions" semantic associated, including "matching", so in
> other words it's only "data" element. On the other hand "commands"
> elements (such as 'remove' or 'list') are elements that are associated
> with actions: i.e. list collections or remove them appropriately, and
> this is where "matching" makes sense as modification to the behavior of
> the main "action" represented by element.

Ah, I see what you mean. That makes sense. I'll fix that in the next

>>> Instead, it should belong to commands description
>>> (such as 'remove' or 'list' elements) and in preferences (such as 'item'
>>> element).
>> Yes, I think <remove/> and <list/> make sense. I'm not so sure about
>> <item/> because I don't think that is used for any wildcards.
> It is, because you might want to specify preferences for the specific
> domain JID, not for all full JIDs matching this domain JID (remember my
> original example about suppressing auto-archiving of messages from
> icq.example.com? ;-)

You are correct!


Peter Saint-Andre

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