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Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Mon May 26 09:23:11 UTC 2008

Dnia 2008-05-22, czw o godzinie 13:52 -0400, Kelly S pisze:
> But if someone requests a feed we are not "publishing" we need to
> begin publishing that new feed and subscribe the user to it.
> >From then on that feed will be publishing new entries for when
> additional people start subscribing to it.
> I'm not sure how to handle the user requesting a new feed that doesn't
> exist yet so that we can start pulling/publishing it.

Couldn't you just treat subscription request to a non-existing yet node,
as a feed request? Fetch it in background and return the items or
non-existing node error when the given URL is not an RSS feed.

Similarly to how conference room creation works - when you enter a
non-existing room, it is created.

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