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Jehan Jehan.3fgvxn at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Tue Sep 9 11:06:37 UTC 2008

Kevin Smith;3463 Wrote: 
> The short version (I wrote a longer version, but it turned into a
> rant):
> Once upon a time, there was a static site, maintained mostly
> (entirely?) by Peter.
> A good number of people said "There must be Drupal", so it was
> migrated to Drupal.
> Most of these people then went very very quiet once there was work to
> be done, and a very small number of people were left with the mess.
> Some of these small number worked pretty hard on trying to make things
> work.
> This went on for quite a while, until it was migrated to a wiki as
> something the people willing to do the work on it had a chance to
> maintain.
> Everyone can have a say in these things, they only need to offer to
> help *and follow through on it*.
> My first choice wouldn't have been a wiki, but I avoid doing work on
> the web pages when I can, so I'm staying quiet about it.
> It seems to me that Drupal was an idealistic choice, and the new wiki
> is a pragmatic choice.
> Yay for pragmatists.
> /K

Oki. These explanations are fair. And yes no need to ranting (and
fortunately you avoided to do so!). ;-) There is no criticism from me
about this all. I don't know if it looked like so. I just wanted
explanation. :-)

The only part which could have been a criticism in my message was not:
it was either a question (if this was something already existing, so I
needed the answer to "where it is?") or a proposition: some place to
gather topics at hand, which are currently interesting to discuss for
the Foundation.

XSF people are currently discussing a lot on mailing lists
(unfortunately there are so many of them, some with many messages a day,
etc. And for my own, that's too much, so I just read them few times in a
week, fastly choosing interesting topics by reading titles through the
forum integration, like I did today for this one we are discussing now
:p), Jabber chatroom (I don't use it a lot, if not at all either), blogs
(I read some once in a while), and now there is a forum (but not many
members use it). And probably other subjects are discussed through other
means I don't know, and also privately (IM, emails, phone, around a
table, etc.).

So a short page summarizing the current topics in the XSF, the next
"moves" (like "we propose/are going to change the website because we
can't take care of it" :p), some major propositions, the news and the
votes to come, etc. This would be nice. I am not speaking about XEP, the
protocol, its implementations, etc. They have dedicated places (mainly
the mailing list), and that's ok, but things related to the XSF as an

On the new wiki, we could such a page now...

Or am I completely wrong?


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