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Jehan Jehan.3fh21n at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Tue Sep 9 13:19:00 UTC 2008

Peter Saint-Andre;3470 Wrote: 
> Sounds like the Jabber Journal, or an XMPP Report, or somesuch.
> I think we're reserving www.jabber.org for pointers to code projects
> and 
> other information for end users (secondarily for developers). However,
> at the same time as we've relaunched www.jabber.org we have started 
> wiki.xmpp.org, so I think that might be a good place for an XMPP
> Report. 
> We also have blog.xmpp.org and I'd be open to having someone post a 
> regular report there. If you're interested, ping me.
> This thread is a bit off-topic here. If you want to continue it, please
> do so on the webteam (AT) jabber (DOT) org list.
> Thanks.
> /psa

Yes I think the jabber.org domain is not the right place too, an
internal wiki on xmpp.org is probably better for XSF organization (and
the blog is a good idea too). Now I stop posting here as this is
off-topic! I will ping you somwhere else. Thanks as well.


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