[Standards] A "broadcast" attribute to <messages/> ?

Laurent Eschenauer laurent at eschenauer.be
Fri Mar 12 10:52:06 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

In onesocialweb, our use cases imply that all connected resources
should receive a message when sent to the bare JID. It is simple to
understand why: although your desktop client may be open, you may
still want your phone to vibrate when a new updates come in, and you
absolutely one that update to be visible in your 'inbox' when you pick
up your phone at a later time.

Today, we can achieve this by using server specific logic (in
openfire: route.all-resources=true) but that has an impact on all
messages from all services (and we may want to keep the usual behavior
for chat, or whatever else).

I was wondering if there was any possibility for the sender (client or
server) to specify that the message being sent should ideally be
broadcasted to all resources (having positive priority to complain
with the rest of the spec).

So, what about an additional "broadcast" message attribute for this ?
I think there are more uses cases where you may want to use XMPP as a
"messaging bus" between the connected resources of a user.

Am I missing a point ? Any other work or proposal already tackling this ?

Thanks for the feedback !


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