[Standards] change to XEP-0171 (Language Translation)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Apr 20 15:23:38 UTC 2011

Last year, I discovered that XEP-0171 contains an error because it has a
URN namespace containing the '#' character, despite the fact that the
character is discouraged in URNs. I had a discussion about this with the
authors of XEP-0171 (who are involved with the only implementation that
I know of), and they agreed that this needs to be fixed. In the XMPP
Council meeting just now, Ralph Meijer pointed out that this change is
backward incompatible so we should modify the version number of the
protocol. Unfortunately XEP-0171 was originally published in a brief
period of time when we had URN namespaces but not versioning of
namespaces. However, I think we can add versioning at this point without
too much worry. Therefore I propose that we change the namespaces as

urn:xmpp:langtrans => urn:xmpp:langtrans:1
urn:xmpp:langtrans#items => urn:xmpp:langtrans:items:1

I'd appreciate it if any implementers could post to this list if they
have objections.



Peter Saint-Andre

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