[Standards] RFC 6121, Sec 3.1, 3.2, and 4.3.2

Mike Wacker mwacker66 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 17:04:26 UTC 2011

On 11/15/2011 10:22 AM, Dave Richards wrote:
> Am I missing something or is there a bit of a hole in these sections 
> regarding denying a subscription?
> In 3.1.2 (subscription request outbound), the user's server pushes a 
> roster entry containing "the potential contact with a subscription 
> state of "none" and with notation that the subscription is pending".
> In 3.2.3 (subscription cancellation inbound), the user's server is 
> supposed to ignore the subscription cancellation unless "the contact 
> is in the user's roster with subscription='to' or subscription='both'" 
>  And a few lines later:  "Otherwise ... if the contact is in the 
> user's roster with a subscription state other than those described in 
> the foregoing check -- then the user's server MUST silently ignore the 
> unsubscribed notification by not delivering it to the user, not 
> modifying the user's roster, and not generating a roster push to the 
> user's interested resources".
> Seems like a subscription denial/rejection would never get processed 
> on the user side.
> 3.1.6 (subscription approval inbound) talks about subscription 
> none/from with pending out, which seems should also be considered in 
> 3.2.3.
> In an unrelated issue, 4.3.2, #1 says to send "unsubscribed" if "the 
> contact account does not exist or the user's bare JID is in the 
> contact's roster with a subscription state other than "From", "From + 
> Pending Out", or "Both"".  Seems like this should also be the case if 
> the contact account exists but is not in the user's roster at all. 
>  All other roster states are covered by available/unavailable, so it 
> seems lack of a response would indicate that the account at least 
> exists, which might be considered leaking information, as well as 
> leaving the user with apparently a dead "to" subscription to the contact.
> After a brief look I did not find any previous discussion of these, so 
> if there is can someone please point me there?  If not, what do you think?
> Thanks,
> Dave Richards

You do seem to have a point there. From my understanding, there would be 
no unsubscribed presence stanza since the user never had an outbound 
subscription, only a pending request for an outbound subscription. 
However, there would have to be a roster push to all interested 
resources, since the roster state would change - specifically the 
ask='subscribe' attribute would be removed, although the subscription 
attribute would be 'none' both before and after the roster push.


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