[Standards] Regarding XEP-0166

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jul 9 15:58:38 UTC 2012

On 7/9/12 9:24 AM, Todd Herman wrote:
> Currently, specifically XEP-0176.  We have already implemented
> support for XEP-0166.  I may look into what is required to move that
> extension forward as well but for now I have to focus on XEP-0176
> (ICE).  I am actually doing all of this for Relayed Nodes (XEP-0278)
> which was just deferred I think. 

You might contact the author of XEP-0278 to see if he would like a
collaborator. He might not have time to move it forward.

> It is a lot of work so I have to
> approach it one piece at a time, which is currently ICE (XEP-0176).
> I have no rush in moving anything from Draft (or deferred).  My main
> reason for brining that up is that while working on implementing the
> extensions and having questions asked and answered, the information
> could be very beneficial for updating the specifications and making
> them that much closer to being solidified.  I wasn't sure the
> approach for having an existing XEP updated in this manner or
> suggesting updates.

Post to the list, engage in discussion, and poke the authors about
updating the spec.

> I will jump on the jingle list you suggested.  I didn't realize that
> there was a different one.  Where do you typically draw the line
> between the two lists (standards and jingle)?

We use the jingle@ list for most Jingle-related discussions because not
everyone who is interested in Jingle is on the main standards@ list.


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