[Standards] Marking up messages with metadata and XEP-0071

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Thu Apr 9 19:58:11 UTC 2015

On 09.04.2015 18:59, Ben Langfeld wrote:
> Florian, my concerns with your approach are twofold:
> 1. It is complicated and is not markup in the sense that is used by XML,
> HTML, SSML, etc. Being abstracted means a complicated association step.

Yep, it's more complicated then just adding another attribute to an
element surrounding text.

Not sure what's the issue with it being not markup. In my eyes that's an
advantage here.

> 2. It does not accurately correlate. Imagine this example:
> <message…>
>   <body>Hi Joe Bloggs. How are you? Oh, and you Joe Bloggs too?</body>
>   <mark>
>     <mention jid='joe at example.com <mailto:joe at example.com>'>
>       <by-string string='Joe Bloggs'/>
>     </mention>
>     <mention jid='joe2 at example.com <mailto:joe2 at example.com>'>
>       <by-string string='Joe Bloggs'/>
>     </mention>
>   </mark>
> </message>

That's a case where you would use 'by-range' in order to avoid the

- Florian

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