[Standards] XEP Dependencies

Tedd Sterr teddsterr at outlook.com
Thu Feb 8 16:00:53 UTC 2018

According to both https://github.com/xsf/xeps and https://xmpp.org/extensions :

* XEP-0105 (Tree Transfer Stream Initiation Profile) [Deferred]
* XEP-0135 (File Sharing) [Deferred]
* XEP-0137 (Publishing Stream Initi-ation Requests) [Draft]
* XEP-0159 (Spim-Blocking Control) [Deferred]
* XEP-0241 (Encryption of Archived Messages) [Deferred]
* XEP-0103 (URL Address Information) [Deferred]
* XEP-0347 (Internet of Things - Discovery) [Deferred]
* XEP-0169 (Twas The Night Before Christmas) [Active]
* XEP-0264 (Jingle Content Thumbnails) [Deferred]

Or is there another secret stash I don't know about?

Thanks, this is a great help! We should probably be doing this periodically.

> * XEP-0159 (Spim-Blocking Control) depends on: XEP-0016

This appears to be the only one that's not also already deprecated, so I've added deprecating it to the council's agenda.

Thanks again!

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