[Standards] XEP-0060: max-items (publish-options et al) council action required

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Sun Oct 6 10:51:16 UTC 2019


as you might have heard we have implemented Bookmarks 2 during the
last XMPP Developers Sprint in a couple of clients and libraries.

Our feedback for Bookmarks 2 itself is expressed in this PR:

However there is one issue Boomarks 2 can’t solve by itself and
instead needs to be addressed in XEP-0060.

When publishing bookmarks we need to overwrite the default max_items
for a node. Otherwise the vast majority of PEP implementations will
default that to 1.

However there is no max_items that means unlimited (and/or use what
ever limit the server deems fit.)

Therefor I propose wording for XEP60 that 'clarifies' that max-items 0
means unlimited.


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