[Summit] Introduction...

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Jul 1 15:43:32 CDT 2008

Ron Hose wrote:
> Hi Guys, 
> Hope it's not too late to jump on -

Nope, it's not too late.

> I'm Ron, CTO at TokBox. We use eJabberd for call signaling and presence. 

Cool. I'm working to get a few more telephony folks there so we can nail 
down final modifications to the Jingle specs.

>  I'm looking forward to meet some of you guys in person and share our 
>  experiences with scalability and server deployment. 
> I'd also love to know how we can do our part to contribute back to the 
> community.

Good topics of discussion, for sure. :)


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