[Summit] interop testing prep

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Jul 3 10:12:32 CDT 2008

As mentioned, I think it would be productive to perform some server 
interop testing at the XMPP Summit in a few weeks (I'm also working to 
get at least a few client developers there, but so far we seem to have 
mostly server developers -- from ejabberd, Isode, Jabber Inc., Openfire, 
and Tigase). If we're going to do it right, we need to prepare a bit. In 
particular I think we need:

1. Server certificates. I can issue these through the XMPP ICA. Each 
server will have its own certificate in the interop.xmpp.org tree, such 
as openfire.interop.xmpp.org. Do you want to test the certificate 
generation rules in rfc3920bis? That means each cert would contain 
fields for id-on-dnsSRV (see RFC4985), dNSName, and id-on-xmppAddr. 
Given that I'm pushing to get rfc3920bis done and that the bis format is 
backward-compatible with the RFC3920 format,

2. Local or global DNS settings for these domains. I can do this for 
global settings. If we set up a local network, we can simply hardcode 
the IP addresses in /etc/hosts or whatever.

3. Some test plans or scenarios. At the 2006 summit we tested basic use 
cases like rosters and dialback. There was inconsistency regarding use 
cases like TLS+SASL (especially for server-to-server). I think it would 
be good to test those. Perhaps also TLS+dialback? I'd be happy to update 
draft-saintandre-xmpp-feature-set to reflect use cases of interest:


4. A process for creating user accounts on each server. Alexander Gnauck 
has been working on this -- basically we'd whitelist the IP address for 
interop.xmpp.org (yet to be set up on the Web) for in-band registration. 
We're not sure if all servers support that approach.

5. A schedule. I don't think we want to be testing the whole time, but 
we can set aside some time for this on Monday morning and then continue 
to do testing and debugging throughout the conference.

Anything else?


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