[Summit] interop testing prep

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Sat Jul 12 03:34:55 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Blaine Cook wrote:
>> Does the protocol specify how this should be done, or is it just 
>> ad-hoc? I know I ran into an issue at one point between GTalk and an 
>> ejabberd install, where I was running two ejabberd servers for one 
>> domain, but where the ejabberd servers were not internally clustered. 
>> The problem appeared to be that GTalk would do a SRV lookup and try to 
>> do dialback, but wouldn't always use the original requesting server's 
>> IP address, so the dialback would fail, and s2s was impossible.
>> I think if that problem is solved, then the scalability problem is 
>> also solved, but I'm not 100% sure.
> IIRC, Google Talk does some things in dialback that are a bit creative. 
> I'll ask around for particulars so we can either document it more 
> clearly or convince them to be a little less creative. :)

I think that if both servers have a shared key for calculating the hash,
this shouldn't be a problem.

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