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Other recommendations from a local...

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Thirsty Lion, Kell's or the Shanghai Tunnel all work and are the third
stop across the river from the convention center (free ride even).

Or Ron Tom's on Burnside and MLK ... that's within walking distance ... :-)

- Scott

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> Got ideas for XMPP summit?
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> At Summits 1 through 4, the XSF held a dinner for all participants.
> we had only ~15 participants at those meetings. This year we have close to
> 40. Because I'm not competent enough to find a large dinner venue on short
> notice and the Doug Fir (where we went last year) doesn't take
> I'm thinking we might want to have a "happy hour" at one of the bars
> downtown. I know I've been to a few such events at past OSCON meetings.
> Patrick, Matt, Gato, Sam, Nathan -- any suggestions?
> Peter

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