[Summit] Summit Hackathon Project List

anders conbere aconbere at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 12:50:52 CDT 2008

There's been a lot of talk of wanting to do more coding than talking
at this years summit, so I made a wiki page for people coming to the
summit looking to hack on some projects. I thought this might be a
good way to announce what we're interested in, and find each other.


I'll start with two projects I'm working on that could use an extra
set of brains,

* Chatty.im - is a freenode like service combined with the web side
tools of a service like campfire. The idea is to help get more people
using MUCs, while providing a simple web interface to get at history /
tags / room creation.

* ejabberd OpenID - I wrote a little http module a while back that
shows how you can prove the authenticity of jabber credentials through
the ejabberd http modules, I'd like to try to expand this to full
openID support.

~ Anders

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