[Summit] PubSub Test Suite

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jul 16 09:46:19 CDT 2008

Hi Nathan,

Nathan Fritz wrote:
> Server/Component Developers,
> I have a XEP-0060 test suite for servers from a client use perspective.  
> It's pretty basic with about 18 tests right now, but I intend to expand 
> that quite a bit.  It's very useful for server developers to develop 
> against.  Tigase has been using the tests as a helper for implementing 
> their own PubSub component.  If you guys are interesting in testing your 
> implementation against it, the summit might be a cool place to do that.  
> We could hack together and add/improve tests as well.

I'm not opposed to IRL testing, but the XMPP protocol stack is so big 
that we could test until the cows come home. :) I think it would be most 
productive to spend our time in Portland figuring out how we can 
jump-start the online testing environment we've been working on for a 
while now:


The XSF board of directors has discussed this in its weekly meetings for 
a few months and we figured out that one of the sticking points is 
account creation. So Alexander Gnauck has been working on some scripts 
for automated account creation. This will require each server in our 
private interop network to support in-band registration but only from 
the script running at interop.xmpp.org. I'm not sure how doable that is 
(perhaps instead we'll need to use authorization tokens as described in 
XEP-0235), but we need to make account creation and maintenance easier.

Another sticking point may be the NDA that developers need to sign. I'm 
open to discussion about that as well, or again at least making it 
easier to understand and submit.

That said, if folks want to spend time on IRL interop testing I'm all 
for it, too. ;-)

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