[Summit] Monday dinner

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Jul 18 11:03:42 CDT 2008

Well I found a good place for dinner on Monday: Kell's Irish Restaurant 
and Pub in downtown Portland.

URL: http://www.kellsirish.com/portland/index.html
Address: 112 SW Second Avenue
Phone: 503-227-4057
Map: http://is.gd/X6h

This is close to the MAX line so it's easy to get to.

Dinner will be at 7:00 (well that's when our space opens, dinner will be 
served around 7:30 or so). This gives folks a chance to go back to their 
hotels after the first day of the summit, unwind a bit, etc.

If you have special dietary needs (vegetarian etc.), please let me know 
so that I can make appropriate arrangements with the restaurant.

The only problem is that dinner plus wine and beer for 40 people ain't 
cheap. I need to start raising more money! ;-)

And many thanks to our current sponsors for making this conference possible:


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