[Summit] physical constraints and agenda changes

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Jul 20 19:27:55 CDT 2008

I've run into a few physical constraints that will have an impact on our 

a. I've been informed that our room (E142) will be set up with rows of 
chairs and a single table up front -- the typical layout for a "one to 
many" presentation (e.g., where one person gives a talk to a relatively 
passive audience, or where a panel of select experts discusses a topic 
and the audience listens in). Clearly we would prefer to hold more of a 
"many to many" session, and break the session down into threads or 
smaller groups where possible. Unfortunately, I've also been informed 
that the room layouts have been approved by the fire marshal and we're 
not allowed to move the chairs around etc. -- and believe me, we don't 
want our little summit to get shut down by the fire marshal, as the 
Rails conference did a year or two ago.

b. I was able to obtain only one whiteboard, so only one "thread" can 
have a whiteboard-assisted brainstorming session at a time.

c. I'd really like input on the HTTP+XMPP discussion from rabble (Evan 
Henshaw-Plath of Fire Eagle and some other projects of interest), but he 
won't arrive until after lunch on Monday.

Given these constraints, I've made the following adjustments to our agenda:

1. Speed geeking is out and lightning talks are in. We'll do these at 
11:00 on Monday morning. However, I didn't get a projector so you will 
need to depend on words without slides, and speak loud and clear. :)

2. I've tried to arrange the concurrent threads so that one thread is 
smaller than the other. We can always move the smaller thread to the 
back of the room or even into the hallway if necessary.

3. I've moved the HTTP+XMPP hybrid session to ~2:00 on Monday. In part 
we'll use the microblogging thread at 1:00 as input to this session (and 
perhaps also the 1:00 component connections thread as well).

An updated agenda is here:


Further adjustments may occur in real time. :) In particular I haven't 
really budgeted time for hackfests and I'd really like to build that in, 
so I'm open to pulling out one or more threads for some focused coding 
sprints if folks are interested...

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