[Summit] Introduction

Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 16:05:50 CDT 2008

I'm Nathan Fritz, a 27 year old fulltime XMPP dev for Seesmic.  I am the
author of 3 client libraries:

   - SleekXMPP (yet another Python XMPP lib)
      - limiting external dependencies (no twisted, etc)
      - easy to use and implement with little Python knowledge
      - everything is a plugin mentality
   - XMPPHP (PHP successor to Class.Jabber.PHP, which I used to "maintain",
   and currently in very early stages)
   - Event based XMPP lib
      - Easy to Use and Implement
      - Proper TLS support
      - TwhiX (AS3/Flash 9/Adobe AIR lib yet to be formally announced)
   - Can connect to ANY XMPP 1.0 server.
      - Proper and full TLS support (a first for any Flash socket that I'm
      aware of)

The goals for all of my libs:

   - Complete XMPP 1.0 compliance
   - Complete Draft XEP compliance (long term)
   - They're all going to have PubSub before the end of summer.
   - Easy to use, easy to extend
   - Proper native feel to their language.

At the Summit, I will be making some pubsub presentations, and some project
announcements useful to end-users with any luck.  I always overhear
something like, "What we really need is an XMPP server written in PHP!"  And
while that statement is *always* meant as sarcasm, I did it anyway.  I'll be
presenting that at the Summit as well.
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