[Summit] Agenda Items

Blaine Cook romeda at gmail.com
Wed May 21 11:29:29 CDT 2008

Hey all,

I don't know if/how agenda items are chosen for the summit in advance, or if
it's pretty flexible (it seemed that way last year, but there it may have
been the invisible hand of psa guiding discussions ;-)  ), but here are a
few topics that I'd love to hack on either code or spec wise:

-- OAuth over XMPP: the use case is enabling client applications of web
services to authenticate in a user-friendly flow, and use that
authentication to allow access to certain XMPP resources. I'd love to have
something firm nailed down, or at least a proposal --- wether or not OAuth
is involved, the use case is a definite need.

-- PubSub for web services: it would be really interesting for me to sit
down with people and figure out some best practices around implementing
PubSub services for web services. Basically the IRL extension of the
discussion on the social list.

-- PubSub scalability shoot-out: I haven't found good documentation of the
various Jabber servers' performance characteristics, particularly as regards
scaling non-c2s or component usages to (i) millions of PubSub nodes, (ii)
tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers per PubSub nodes, and (iii)
tens of billions of messages delivered per month. I'd be very interested to
know more about what the various servers are capable of.

-- XMPP as an internal messaging platform: I ended up rolling my own
messaging server for Twitter (Starling), but I'm curious to know what level
of scale XMPP has seen as a messaging bus for internal systems. There are a
few really compelling arguments for doing so (simplicity, consistency), and
a few really compelling arguments against (complexity, performance), but it
would be fantastic to get the real goods on this.

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