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Zack Sargent ZSargent at voxitas.com
Thu May 29 23:30:26 CDT 2008

Okay, so this may not be an appropriate forum, but I'm tired and obviously not looking in the right places.  Sorry about the long and possibly boorish first post, but I couldn't find anywhere MORE appropriate to ask the following sorts of things:

#1  Let's say that I worked for a national VOIP company and we believe that offering services tied together with XMPP is the shizzle.  In fact, one of my key developers seems to have large amounts of XMPP new-logo colored Kool-aid in his system.  He's made video calls and PSTN hookups using our network (and some lab gear, or I'd have him flogged) and, oh, by the way, XMPP instead of SIP registration.  We would like to learn more, and perhaps sponsor work a la Google, HP, etc.  How do we as a company help this community (and, as communities go, in turn be helped by it)?

#2  We are consummate geeks.  You cannot out AT&T AT&T.  If you are in the voice biz to provide dialtone, ummm ... well, there are people that DO that.  We want to do stuff NEW.  We want to be used for things that we may not even know our network is getting used for (almost typo'd that as "sued for" ... but that's common with Verizon in your space).  Would love to RECRUIT someone with XMPP savvy (PHP, MySQL and SIP all big pluses).  Is that something we could do at the summit if one of my programmers and I showed up in July?  Or would that be tacky?

#3  I would love to show up and listen; Jon would love to participate.  I'm just a network hack with some interest; he's actually a programmer/VOIP engineer.  Any interest in VOIP <-> XMPP?  If you guys would have interest in us coming and listening/rudely interjecting, I might make some arrangements for us to get there.

Voxitas employs a variety of tech with the following as my basic philosophy:  Buy the parts that do not create competitive advantage (e-mail, storage, etc.), build the parts that differentiate you in the marketplace.  We use a large swath of open source, but we have not had many chances to contribute back to those communities.  However, we see this as an opportunity to be the first VOIP carrier to build a nationwide switching fabric with XMPP as an integration API (don't go spreading that around, yet - release of our "3.0" platform would be late this year, at best).  Our only real "gotcha" is "real-time-ness," because, well ... voice has to happen consistently, instantly, and immediately every time ...

Hi, everyone ... I'm Zack Sargent, VP, Ops & Engineering ... Voxitas ... HQ in St. Louis

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