[Summit] Summit prep

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Feb 4 10:59:40 CST 2009

The Summit will be quite full. That's great, but I want to make sure
that it's productive.

We'll cover a lot of "intro to XMPP" stuff on Saturday in the dev room
(capacity is 74 people) so I assume that on Monday we will dive into
lots of technical details on hot topics. Because the Summit is on Monday
we'll have lots of time to explore some of these topics in smaller
discussions on Friday at the Jingle Thingle and in hallways and pubs on
Saturday and Sunday.

I would like to gather input on the topics people want to cover so that
we can come up with priorities. In accordance with Council discussion in
December and the XSF Roadmap <http://xmpp.org/xsf/roadmap.shtml> (this
is in need of revision), I see the following:

1. Finalize Jingle -- we'll make good progress on this during the Jingle
Thingle so I don't see a need to discuss this on Monday.

2. File transfer. See also discussion on the Jingle list about ICE-TCP
and alternative transport methods. It'd also be good to figure out ways
to transfer multiple files, advertise the availability of files as we do
in XEP-0137. Including thumbnails would be nice, too. Etc. Other topics

3. End-to-end encryption. XTLS seems to be the approach we're settling
on, but we need to finalize a number of related issues. See recent
threads on the Security list:




4. Mobile optimizations. The big item here from last year is roster
sequencing, which I think we can extend to other eTags-like uses (disco
results at MUC services, pubsub). Do we need a generic approach or is a
roster-specific solution OK?


(compare to http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0150.html )

Another item here is fast reconnect / XEP-0198. (But do we need that if
we have BOSH?)

What other mobile optimizations are needed?

5. Deployment / operational issues. Here I see:

- more BOSH
- more s2s TLS
- more pubsub / PEP
- easily-discovered xmpp+turn servers for worldwide media relaying
- spam / abuse
- CAPTCHAs for in-band registration
- other?

That's a quick list of issues that I see as important. Your views may
differ, so please share them.

I'm getting on an airplane here soon so I probably won't have time to
reply until tomorrow, unless I get a bit of time at Dulles.

Oh, and I'd also welcome logistical suggestions about how to run the
Monday meeting. We have the room set up U-shape (which is at least
better than classroom) but those who have experience running an
unconference are welcome to share their ideas.

See you in Brussels!


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