[Summit] Monday plans

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Feb 8 19:24:58 CST 2009

We will start tomorrow morning at 10 AM (we need to get the Internet
access working and such), but feel free to stop by earlier. BTW I don't
yet know what room we'll be in, but I will check on that with the hotel
first thing in the morning and post to the list. The meeting location
should also be posted on the monitors in the Hotel Bedford.

I think it would be most productive for us to split up into smaller
groups, because I don't think that we can have a really productive
discussion with 40+ people. Based on my informal chats with people over
the last few days, I propose the following group:

- pubsub
- file transfer
- end-to-end encryption

After we have some small-group meetings we could have people report on
their findings / conclusions / consensus to the larger group, discuss
furtherin that setting, and then re-sort into smaller groups again after
lunch. The afternoon groups might be focused on different topics, such
as mobile optimizations, Jingle, and deployment challenges or whatever
we decide after lunch. We might also ask people to have lunchtime
discussions and report on those, too. Groups would be dynamic (you could
move around from one to the other, you're not locked in to the group you
started with in any given "session").

I'm open to other suggestions, but I'm leery of trying to hold any kind
of conversation with 40+ people.



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