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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Dec 15 11:23:47 CST 2010

If you've attended past Summits, you know that I like to create the
agenda in real time at the beginning of the meeting (unconference
style). However, I'm thinking about doing something more structured this
time because there are some important topics that we need work through.
(Well, they're important to me... :)

Here's a rough list of clusters, in no particular order:

1. Internationalization. I'm preparing a tutorial on the topic, and we
need to talk about how we'll update the JID format.

2. Domain Name Assertions (DNA) and related s2s topics like "dialback
without dialback" and TLS + dialback.

3. End-to-end encryption, client certs, digital signatures, etc.

4. XEP-0198 and other reliability issues.

5. Finalizing Jingle file transfer.

6. MUC extensions (more flexible roles, "MUC Eventing Protocol", use of
MUC rooms for multi-user Jingle, etc.).

7. Distributed MUC (XEPs 281, 282, 289).

That's already quite a bit to cover on Friday and Monday, with hallway
discussions on Saturday and Sunday.

Furthermore, I think that for each topic we need to have reading lists
(XEPs, RFCs, Internet-Drafts, etc.) so that we're prepared to make fast
progress while we've got a high-bandwidth connection (i.e., F2F).

That's just a quick brain dump to get you thinking. I'll post about this
in more depth before too long (probably in early January).


Peter Saint-Andre

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