[Summit] topics for Monday

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 4 09:57:56 CST 2010

Although we'll have activities and discussions all weekend, Monday is
the official "Summit". We like this schedule because people get to know
each other over the weekend (if they don't already) and chat informally
about topics they care about. Then on Monday we have more intensive
discussions about particular topics. Because it's hard to have a good
conversation among 40+ people, I usually split the crowd into smaller
teams of 10-15 people each, grouped by topic, with reports from each
team to the full group so that we can discuss as needed.

To make this work, we need topics to discuss. Therefore please post to
this list or chat with people over the weekend about things you think we
need to work on in the XMPP community. Categories include:

- gaps in the XMPP protocol suite
- operational issues faced by XMPP-based deployments
- organizational / procedural issues at the XSF
- security concerns with XMPP technologies
- areas where our community is weak

I have a few topics in mind but I don't want to skew the preparations so
I won't mention them until others have posted.



Peter Saint-Andre

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