[Summit] Things I learnt this week

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 14:21:25 CST 2010

I decided I should share a collection of things I've learnt over the
past 4 days.

 * Free wifi doesn't necessarily mean free wifi [need to fix that for
next year (or as Edwin suggested... go for no wifi at all - something
I personally wouldn't mind if I knew in advance)].
 * Nokia N900s are shiny.
 * Kevin has no sense of direction (especially when holding an N900).
 * The hackfest on Friday was good, but perhaps a bit segregated. (Do
we want/need more direction next time?)
 * Tomato salads in Belgium can consist of only tomatoes.
 * The Jingle Nodes project is something I can't wait until we have
some specs published for so we can discuss them.
 * Belgian taxi drivers can't read maps, book a hotel they know about or walk.
 * Vodafone have been working on a *really* nice XMPP-based federated
social network: http://onesocialweb.org/
 * Swift really does exist.
 * Having the summit not collide with FOSDEM (as it has previous
years) is a Good Thing.
 * Next year we should also look for getting some video recording (and
if we're feeling ambitious - streaming) going on at FOSDEM and the

Nice to meet everyone again, many thanks to all who helped organise
and sponsor the dinner and the technology, and helped make this the
best summit so far!

Now, did anyone else learn something I missed? :)


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