[Summit] Things I learnt this week

James Churchman jameschurchman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:08:23 CST 2010

Hi Everybody

Firstly i would like to thanks peter and the people who organised the event — the event was great, i learnt a huge amount and felt very welcome so thanks :-)

>>>  * The hackfest on Friday was good, but perhaps a bit segregated. (Do
>>> we want/need more direction next time?)

This was the only bit (apart for the wifi :-) ) that i though could be improved a bit. Maybe if people post topics up on a wiki etc… so people can group together before hand and thrash out a bit of what they want to do/achieve & so other can see if they wish to join. The biggest problem for me was i had no idea what people were working on, I would have happily added my own little contributions, if i knew what people were doing.
Maybe if there were printed pieces of paper attached to the tables to show what project people were working on, (and if they waned contributions) or a list on the wall of the projects, which part of the room they are in, and also a list of "free agents" like me who could be snatched up by any projects for help, ideas etc..

Also maybe a schedule for micro talks that people could doing threw out the hackfest. These could be either bi-dreectional in that the person giving the talks wants feedback from the others, or just simply education the others "eg my experience of running ejabberd vs my experience of running open fire" or "my experience of xmpp development on the palm pre" etc… it just seemed that most people could have done what they did at home and an opportunity for idea/ experience sharing was not utilised

oh and a personal thing, but im a huge fan of sunlight / windows over artificial light :-)

Already looking forward to nextyear !


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