[Summit] Things I learnt this week

Christopher Orr chris at orr.me.uk
Wed Feb 10 11:20:02 CST 2010

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> On 2/10/10 10:03 AM, Alex Rogers wrote:
>> I would be interested too. I can look into using BT's "City" offices if
>> it helps. They have a superb "theatre" that would be positively ideal.
> Super.
> The bigger question is: do we feel the need to piggyback on the
> attendance and energy of FOSDEM (Europe) and OSCON (N. America) to hold
> our meetings? If not, then we can be much more creative about dates and
> locations.

Although it was my first time attending both events, I quite enjoyed the 
coupling with FOSDEM -- it provided a large and interested audience for 
the XMPP talks, and possibly even drew some people into attending the 
Summit.  The two events seem like quite a natural combination, and 
FOSDEM gives a nice break from several days of nothing-but-XMPP (heresy, 
I know).

Whether people would be less likely to attend the Summit if it were a 
separate event, i.e. potentially lower value in terms of time off work, 
travel, expenses etc., I don't know.

What have past experiences been like (attendance, level of activity) 
with independent XMPP summits, if such a thing has taken place?


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