[Summit] Introducing myself, as I will attend Fosdem, the hackfest and the summit

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Fri Jan 22 06:56:57 CST 2010


Alard Weisscher mentioned that Vodafone would like to sponsor the dinner too?
How much would they like to sponsor?



On 15 Jan 2010, at 10:50, Laurent Eschenauer wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Just a short note to say hello and introduce myself. I will attend Fosdem, the hackfest and the summit.
> I'm a software engineer working at Vodafone R&D (based in Maastricht, Netherlands). I live in Belgium (Liège), so feel free to ping me if you have local issues (yes.. there is more than Jupiler as beers in Belgium ;-)
> Within my team, we have started last october a 'federated social networking' project based on XMPP. We have already drafted some extensions and have a first working iteration, so Fosdem will be a good time for us to go public with our stuff, ask for feedback and maybe find some people/partners who want to contribute.  It is all open source, Apache License 2 / Creative Commons. We'll release the code and docs during Fosdem.
> We also have some good lessons learned to share with those interested. The technology used is:
> - Server side is an OpenFire plugin
> - Web client is Google Web Toolkit + Emite (thus BOSH)
> - Android client using Smack
> We'll have a 30' slot in the devroom on Saturday to show a quick demo. I'll be around for the rest of the weekend and at the summit/hackfest to meet more XMPP enthusiast and have good hallway discussions.
> My XMPP interest: everything of course, but if you really insist I would say: Social stuff, Mobile and XMPP in the browser (BOSH.. or better.. native support !).
> Where to find me: @eschnou on twitter and http://eschnou.com
> Ho yeah, I'm also one of the developer of storytlr, an open source lifestreaming platform. Nothing to do with XMPP, but worth mentioning: http://storytlr.googlecode.com
> Looking forward to meet you guys in Brussels,
> Cheers,
> -Laurent
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