[Summit] FW: XMPP Summit - Mondago

Alex Rogers alex at mondago.com
Mon Jan 25 15:29:58 CST 2010


Hi All


Just a brief note to introduce ourselves - don't worry, it's not a sales
pitch. I'm just looking to maximize our visit to the summit.


My name is Alex, and I run Mondago. We specialize in Computer Telephony
and provide desktop based software products for distributors, including
BT. We are very interested in XMPP and the many benefits that it
provides desktop CTI, including federated presence and IM. As such, over
the Summer, we are hoping to launch a large scale XMPP/Public IM gateway
to provide BT's SME customers with an uniform solution.


Hence, we are researching which services/providers are important for us
to be able to interop with. (Testing can come nearer the time).


I'm only going to be at the conference on Monday and unfortunately due
to trains will be arriving a little late.  Please feel free to contact
me in advance if you'd like to meet up while I'm in Brussels.







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